Together on a journey of continuous innovation.

Airbus never stands still. The company is constantly evolving, driving innovative products, services and technologies. It’s been our privilege to partner with Airbus on this journey since 2007.

We began working with EADS, a company comprised then of 4 separate businesses, and helped this fragmented organisation transform into one brand, Airbus.

We developed a clear brand architecture and a singular identity for Airbus, supported by an engaging personality and a comprehensive design system that connects Airbus’ divisions with a common visual and verbal language.

And the journey goes on. We continue to strengthen the brand through five key roles: Brand Development, Brand Management, Brand Guardianship, Brand Building and Brand Engagement.

We have worked in a close partnership during the transformation from a fragmented multi-brand business into one united company and one strong brand. We optimised the brand architecture to create more synergies across markets and regions, enabling better value creation for the core brand.

Airbus is now driven by the bigger purpose to ‘apply our passion to create a better connected, safer and more prosperous world.’ which is reflected in the purpose framework that links the components of the Airbus business, culture and brand.

We continue to strengthen the brand through a range of initiatives, including brand guidelines and platforms, decision tree tools and naming principles, and internal engagement campaigns, bringing the brand to life from the inside-out.


We have developed a new singular identity for Airbus which marks the corporation’s most significant shakeup to date. The identity design is supported by an engaging personality, brand narrative and design system that connects the group with a common visual language. The animated Airbus logo captures the brand’s dynamic and pioneering spirit, making it an integral part of any content.

As true brand guardians for Airbus, we work closely with their brand management team to ensure consistent and coherent execution. We share our knowledge through a HUB community and brand training sessions across the organisation, where we focus on how to protect and build a consistent Airbus brand every day.

"Superunion is one of our most valued partners in driving our brand further. Their strategic and creative services are excellent, and their commitment to help us grow our brand is unique. For both the day-to-day necessities of branding and the larger strategic challenges we face."

Head of Brand Management, Airbus